Five Ways Reading Can Encourage Better Writing Techniques

It is obvious that the two best ways to improve as a writer are to read and write frequently. Is basic reading becoming less appealing with the increasing influence of technology today and the availability of all the information on the Internet?

No, we don’t believe so. We think that reading a lot is essential for success in writing. These 5 tips will keep you motivated to keep reading.

1. Extend Your Sources: The majority of people have a reading routine. They may have a favorite author, read a blog they enjoy, or visit the same news website every day. If you don’t read widely, you may not be able to incorporate different perspectives into your writing. You can gain an advantage by reading both online and off-line to learn how different topics are discussed.

2. Always carry a book: Finding time to spare in our hectic schedules may seem impossible. Consider the hours of the day when you are free. You probably have some downtime where you grab your phone or sit in front of the television. You will be more likely to read if you have a book nearby. Read a little while the dinner is cooking, during your lunch break or in the bathroom. You will learn more about proper grammar the more you read.

3. Vocabulary boost: Did your teacher ever ask you to research the definition of new words when you were at school? Why not try it now as an adult? While you read content in different media, note down any unfamiliar words. You can use the definitions to help you write. In the process you will slowly increase your vocabulary and learn new things. You may find that you love new words! Refer to our previous blog The 100 Words That Every Author Should Know for a great starting point.

4. Read the “Classics”. Even though you are a new author, it is important to go back to basics. It’s true that writing styles have changed, but it is important to take a look at what used to be considered a classic and find out what the fuss was all about. While you wait for the next great work from your favorite author, why not take a look at older novels and highly acclaimed articles?

5. Read your Own Content: Have you ever read over the sentences in your own writing for a second time and realized that they sound repetitive and bland to you? Or even worse, a cyborg. You can improve your grammar by reading out loud. Your content will also make more sense when printed. Read it again out loud, but don’t be too loud or you might disturb your co-workers!

Bottom line: you need to read consistently. Reading can help you improve your writing and knowledge. If you want to take a break from your writing, read something!

What are your tips for finding new reading material? How do you find the time to read? Please share your thoughts and suggestions on how you can make reading more enjoyable.


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