A Beginners Guide for WordPress Web Design

WordPress is responsible for 34% (or more) of all internet. WordPress is not only used to power blogs but also many eCommerce websites.

You might have considered WordPress as a platform for your website but wondered how difficult WordPress web design was. We can help if you’re not very technical. Learn how to design your WordPress website with these simple tips.

Select a Theme that Will Work for You

You might have to pick a theme that is simple, depending on your technical knowledge. WordPress themes make your website look the way it does online. WordPress themes give you the ability to display your content in a variety of ways and with certain features without having to code it yourself.

You can find literally thousands of themes online. Some themes are paid and others are free. There are themes that require an annual subscription, and others that can be purchased with a single investment.

You’ll discover that some themes are better suited to your site than others. There are themes designed specifically for magazine websites. You can find themes that are optimized to share your photography if you’re building a website.

Sidebar Organiser

Most designs display the sidebar on all pages. You shouldn’t put everything in the sidebar. Your readers may be confused or distracted by recent posts, ads, promotional material, the about section, and other sections.

You should be careful when adding items to your sidebar. You can access sidebar settings whether you are using Managed Hosting, or cpanel. Click on widgets in your dashboard. You can easily edit your sidebar when you are in widgets.

You can make your website easier to navigate

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find something on a website and not being able to. When people are looking for information, your website navigation should be intuitive.

Create categories and group related topics. Structure your menu section so that people can understand your thought process and system. You can add subtopics to your finance section, such as Debt Resolution and Savings.

Web design is a part that pays attention to the user experience. Plan your website navigation well before creating content. It will be much more effective.

Select a Permalink Structure with a Clean Look

Your website’s link structure is the Permalink Structure. For instance, if your website is yourwebsite.com, your permalink might be yourwebsite.com/post1 or yourwebsite.com/posttitle. In the Settings section, near the bottom left side of the dashboard, you can select the permalink structure.

Use images to drive your point home

Images help your readers stay engaged. As children, we all loved to read picture books. We were always excited to turn the page to find out what was next. Even as adults, pictures help us understand information.

Images can not only make your site look better, but also engage your readers and help with SEO. When you upload images to your WordPress post or page, you can include “alt text” along with the keyword to improve SEO.

Stock images are inexpensive or you can find some online for free. Stock images can be found online at a low cost or even for free.

Choose an appealing Font

You might want to consider other fonts if you do not want your website to look the same as every other one online. There are many fonts available, but you should choose those that match your brand.

It’s not necessary to change the font on all of your pages, but it is a good idea to do so for your headers. You want your website attractive for your visitors but you also don’t want it to be visually overwhelming or difficult to read.

You can even create your own font and download it to use on your website. This will make your site unique. It’s a bit of a tip, but you might want to think about it later when you are working on your brand.

Remember the Footer

The footer may seem boring but it’s prime real estate. The bottom of the page is where people scroll to see how long your content is. You want to make sure that they see important information so they will stay longer on your page.

You may be able, depending on the theme that you select for your website to show images from your Instagram account, excerpts from your about page, and much more.

WordPress Web Design: The Win

You can explore a new world now that you are more familiar with WordPress web design. Why not continue learning? There are many more articles on this site that will open up new worlds.

Visit our website and find your favorite sections. Drop a bookmark, then come back for more.


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