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    Live Music Venue - Activities

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    2414 2nd St, Santa Monica (CA), 90405, United States

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    Santa monica ca

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Sarturday, August 1st! 2:00pm - 10:00pm


It's a Good Time Party thang in Santa Monica. Summer is Here and the Time is Right for Bands, Booze and B.B.Q.! If ya don't know by now...It's a fun filled afternoon of love and laughter, new and old friends, rockin' and rollin' all happening in Dogtown...Bands will play throughout the day, Food will be grillin while we are all chilling, the drinks will flow until you all go... Musicians: Backline provided consists of 2 Guitar Half Stacks ( Marshall ) Bass Full Stack ( GK n Hartke ) Full PA w/12 Channels n FX (Mackie) Drum Kit (awesome) DRUMMERS ALERT!!! Please bring you own cymbals!

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