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    Located in Lockhart Upholstery, Lockhart (TX), 78644, United States

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    (512) 644-4661

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    Lockhart tx

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100% Hypoallergenic, Fully Adjustable, Conformable, and Washable/Dryable pillows made with Love and Prayer. This year, all profits go to help Tish go to Israel.


We hope you love your pillow as much as we do. It was made with love and prayer. Your Pillow from Heaven is 100% hypoallergenic, adjustable, washable, and even dryable. It will also conform to your body in just about any sleep position. We have enclosed a small bag of extra filling in case you wish to have a little firmer support. For less support, simply unzip and remove some filling. For safety, we recommend you always put your pillow with the zipper side first into your pillow sheet. This will ensure that it does not accidentally become unzipped. Additionally, these pillows are not recommended for very small children. If you would like to order additional pillows, or if your friends and family would like to order, we now have the following selection: • Travel Size $20 • Standard/Queen $30 • King $50 • Body Pillow $70 Thank you again, for sowing into our Champions 4 Christ fund. If you would like more information about the youth rally, please visit www.champions4christ.org.

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