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    Religious Center - Community Organization - Social

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    Chicago (IL), 60610, United States

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    Chicago il

  • Religious Center - Community Organization - Social


Kesher exists to create a place for community and education, equipping all students to share their faith in Yeshua the Messiah with the Jewish people.


Kesher is a student group on the campus of Moody Bible Institute dedicated to re-connecting the student body with the roots of their faith, introducing Jewish life, culture, history and religious thought. In doing so Kesher seeks to educate the student body, equipping students to share the message of Messiah with the Jewish people. Furthermore, we seek to foster a biblical understanding of Israel's place in God's plan alongside the Church. Finally, Kesher wants to create awareness of historic and current antisemitism, challenging the Christian body to pray for the Jewish people and stand against it.


Kesher events include: Monthly prayer meetings Celebration of biblical feasts Seminars and other informative events

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