Bead Fancies

Contact information for Bead Fancies. Place types Arts & Crafts Store ,Jewelry/Watches and Shopping.

Place Type Arts & Crafts Store - Jewelry/Watches - Shopping
Address Limekiln Pike, Wyncote (PA), 19095, United States
Coordinate 40.08159,-75.16077
Phone (215) 555-5555
Country USA
City Wyncote pa


I've created an Etsy site to begin selling my jewelry! Please stop by and pick something that strikes your fancy!


My love of making jewelry is something that has been growing for years. I can't go to a craft store without purchasing beads, and when I didn't have earrings to match an outfit I always figured I'd make some myself! If I didn't have what I wanted- what better way to get it than make it! This is a hobby that gives me so much joy and relaxation, and recently has been blooming as a business. There are other earrings for sale at Horsham Chiropractic that you can see in person as well! If you ever stop by there- take a look!

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