Cindy Blumenshein Photography

Contact information for Cindy Blumenshein Photography. Place types Photographer ,Event Planner and Services.

Place Type Photographer - Event Planner - Services
Address 6004 Endicott St John Rd, Saint John (WA), 99171, United States
Coordinate 47.0184097,-117.5925674
Phone (509) 648-3960
Country USA
City Saint john wa


For prints go to or contact me at Please feel free to share my images.


Welcome to the world as I view it. I hope you enjoy my images and please feel free to share, I just ask that you not remove my watermark. Now for the legal stuff - All images posted on this page are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of Cindy Blumenshein Photography and may not be copied or reused commercially without the permission of artist.

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