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Contact information for Olive U Bebe Boutique. Place types Baby Goods/Kids Goods ,Costume Shop and Shopping.

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    Baby Goods/Kids Goods - Costume Shop - Shopping

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    Killeen (TX), 76541, United States

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    Killeen tx


Our boutique specializes in snazzy baby & children's clothing and children's accessories. This mommapreneur considers all of our items to be super swanky!


Olive U Bebe boutique is filled with oodles of unique products available for both baby and child. This boutique is loved by mommies and daddies just like you. We strive to provide futuristic finds at affordable prices! From the latest European fashion to handpicked East and West Coast styles, our boutique has options that will inspire your bebe’s individuality! Our unique, chic, every day outfits; hats; headbands; hair bows, etc. make fabulous gifts. We have options for any budget! You will find everything you are looking for and more at our online boutique store. We provide excellent customer service, we ship quickly, and we do what it takes to earn and keep your business! We look forward to serving you!If you have any questions, please contact us at 254-291-5552.* All web orders will be processed and will ship as promised.

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